Lake of the Shining Arrow

About the Author
   Carol and her family have lived on Brown's Lake since 1976. After reading a legal abstract of their home, built in 1898, she began to research the Lake's history. Sifting through newspaper articles starting in the 1870's, she uncovered a collection of colorful characters who reflected the eras spanning the Indian removal to the heyday of the resorts.

   Carol earned a degree in History from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, is married and has two children. Soon after the boys were out of primary school she started a business, still operating, which she eventually sold to her niece. She lives with her husband Tony in Burlington, Wisconsin and spends the winter in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Growing Up Polish
in South Milwaukee
   Carol was born of Polish parents in the little town of South Milwaukee, about ten miles south of the major city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Fond memories and the incredible array of people who influenced her upbringing have been a source of satisfaction that she feels compelled to share. From the thousands of vignettes that  occur in a person's life, Carol has selected from her's, some of the most insightful about growing up Polish in South Milwaukee.  You don't have to be Polish to enjoy this well written and fun memoir.

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