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Sit back and enjoy a good mystery
The Bangka Inquiry
Transport yourself for a while to exotic Indonesia
Lake of the Shining Arrow
Mystery & Novels
A History of Browns Lake
Escape from Pompeii
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The Friction Within
How the Political Divide in America Affects Personal Relationships
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An enchanting family tale
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Murder At Any Age
Screenplay for
- Murder At Any Age,
- Concrete Wings,
- Misinformed Heart
- Rent Money
-Unprotected Witness
-While I Wait

Concrete Wings
A Story Well Told
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Come Smile With Me
A random collection of events in the life of one man. . .
An enjoyable read.
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Growing Up Polish
in South Milwaukee
Carol DeMarco
Honora (Honey) Levin
Beverly Gandara
Albert (Bert) Vossler
Tony DeMarco
Celebrity Letters
Selected correspondence from Burt Richards' million dollar collection of celebrity autographs and letters
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