What is it like to come of age in a convent- orphanage?

A quick moving plot with lively & emotional scenes.

You can read about . . .

The daily routines for relatively unsupervised convent-boarded kids

How Tom finds out about his wife's life-long illicit relationship with Alex

What it means to be bullied by an older, bigger kid

What happens when police find the dead child and have to notify the parish priest

Why Read This Book?
The three mother-less children are brought by their dad to a convent orphanage that will be their new home for the indeterminate future:
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   "We're here," his dad said, trying to cheer things up, "I think you are going to like it. From everything I've heard from Uncle John, there is a lot to do; you'll make friends," but he started to cry. The three kids in the back seat sat there and just looked at him, not knowing what to do. Keeping terribly still as their father, both hands on the steering wheel, cried...

     ...He turned around and looked at each of them with eyes that little Alex never forgot; hollow eyes, glazed over, like there was nothing behind them, a torn-apart man, but oh how Alexs loved him in that second; but now his dad was being taken away too, wasn't he? He stole a glance at each of his sisters and realized that he would have to take care of them, protect them. Neither of them had a mother or, for that matter, a father any more; Alex would have to be both. He raised his chin ever so slightly and said, "Don't worry Dad, we'll be all right. I'll take care of Dolores and Maria."
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