Ancestors of the current DeMarco's began to realize that something wasn't right in Pompeii. Mount Vesuvious was acting strangly which made the DeMarco family nervous; so they packed their belongings and gathered enough food and water to escape to the mountain town of Benevento. Years and years later, ancestors of those same DeMarco's again packed their belongings, gathered enough food and water, and traveled to the U.S.

     This is a work of fiction. Though some characters and incidents are based on the historical record, the work as a whole is a product of the author's imagination.

     On second thought, however, some of the characters are just that ... "real characters!"

A Childrens' Book
The Story of How the DeMarco Family
Escaped the Eruption of Mount Vesuvius
Written and produced by Carol and Tony DeMarco for their offspring. The characters are given Latin derivatives of their actual names. . .
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